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Resources for Stage Managers and Designers: 
Student Production Team Job Descriptions 
Stage Manager's Handbook 
Stage Manager Kit: A great website with resources to make a stage manager's life easier; tips tricks and more!
FindSounds: A great resource for finding sound effects on the internet.
The Costumer's Manifesto: A great resource on everything costume design!

Resources for Actors: 
Ben Nye Student Theatrical Make-Up Kit: for health and safety reasons, all student actors must have their own make-up. While drug store make-up is acceptable, a theatrical make up kit is recommended. Most retailers sell them for $19.50. Norcostco and Alcone Company have the largest selection of available colors.
Basic Stage Make-Up for Women: This YouTube video goes into extreme detail on how to put on a basic stage make-up. The only downside to this video is the "winged tip" eyeliner. This style is not time period universal and should only be used when appropriate.
Basic Stage Make-Up for Men: Guys! I know the idea of make-up is scary, but this video will walk you through the steps of doing your make-up using the Ben Nye kit linked above. 

Resources for Singers: 

Find Your Vocal Range: Sing along with this YouTube video to help understand what your vocal range is and what vocal part you can sing the best. 
Musical Theater Scenes Database: A free database listing great songs and scenes from various musicals. Searchable by show, vocal part, number of actors needed, etc. Does not have copies of the scripts/libretti.
Sheet Music Download: A great online source for sheet music. Not all links work well or have the correct vocal parts. Some are just piano. Great way to find songs to try for auditions or classes.