The GHS Theatre Program's 
Halloween Carnival is 

Students - If you haven't signed up to help out with a booth or activity, please talk to Danielle Crear or Madison Smith ASAP! We need to know how many people are available in order to get a good idea of how many booths we can have.

Parents and Boosters - If you are able to help out during the event, please let Josh Flynn or Danielle Crear know so we can organize the tickets and concessions booths!

If you are able to donate or let us borrow any of the items below to create our carnival booths this weekend, please email

  • face paint brushes
  • rubber bands
  • orange plastic Solo Cups
  • orange tissue paper
  • thumb tacks/push pins
  • foam poster board
  • kiddie pool
  • aquarium net/scoop
  • colored, carvable sponges
  • 10 2-L soda bottles
  • mini-golf club
  • golf ball
  • craft paint

New York City

Start spreading the news, we're leaving FRIDAY!

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We will be touring the city, participating in workshops, and seeing "Finding Neverland" and "Aladdin"