Drama Council Elections

THURSDAY  is elections for the Drama Council

Interested students should let Ms. Ruggles know they are running by Wednesday, May 27th. For the meeting on Thursday, candidates should write a brief speech stating the position they are running for, and why they are an ideal candidate. Voting will immediately follow all speeches.

If you are unable to attend and would like to run, please let Ms. Ruggles know and submit your speech to her by Wednesday. Students who are unable to attend the meeting and would just like to vote should speak with Ms. Ruggles before they leave school for the day.

Drama Council Positions 2015-2016

The president of Drama Council oversees the responsibilities of all Drama Council officers. They are the main representative and face for the Theatre Program at GHS, representing the club at any school or community events. They collaborate with and assist Ms. Ruggles and the other officers in planning and execution of Theatre Program meetings or events. They attend the GHS Theatre Booster meetings as a Student Representative and voice. 

Vice President of Communications
The VP of Communications is responsible for overseeing all correspondence and communications of the Theatre Program. They keep an organized file of contact information for all members, alumni, and parents. They take minutes at the Drama Council meetings and update the Meeting Notes section of the Website. They work closely with the VP of Promotions & Social Media by aiding with any publicity notes for events. They also work closely with the Boosters VP of Fundraising to make sure Theatre Program members sign up for and attend any fundraising events organized.

Vice President of Promotions & Social Media
The VP of Promotions & Social Media is in charge of working with Ms. Ruggles to maintain the Website, Facebook, and other Social Media pages for the GHS Theatre Program. This includes text, picture, and video updates. They are in charge of working with Ms. Ruggles to create posters and t-shirts for events and having Theatre Program members hang posters for meetings and events around the school and community. Additionally, they are responsible for contacting the local newspapers about upcoming events. They work closely with the Boosters VP of Promotions to make sure the GHS and greater Gloucester Community know about events.

Vice President of Parent Relations
The VP of Parent Relations will work closely with the GHS Theatre Boosters to maintain a solid parent support. They are in charge of arranging parent volunteers when needed for events like Tech Week Dinners, Concessions and Raffle Donations, and Ticket Booth volunteers. They work closely with the Booster VP Communication to make sure the parents are informed of events and programming.

Vice President of Stage and Tech
The VP of Stage and Tech works closely with Ms. Ruggles in regards to all things technical theatre. They help coordinate all design and technical aspects of the GHS Theatre Program by maintaining an organized wood loft, loading bay, prop closet, and costume closet. They help interview production team candidates and help the stage manager organize the run crew. They work closely with the Boosters VP Communication and VP Finance should the Theatre Program need something technical to be purchased or donated.

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