Legally Blonde Props

We are still in need of some props for the upcoming musical spectacle 

If you would be willing to help provide some of these props, please leave a comment below or email us at 

Legally Blonde Prop List 
  • Dresses for Elle’s department store 
  • Elle Magazine, Town & Country Magazine School 
  • Desk 
  • Manila Folders for Teachers 
  • Bejeweled leash for Bruiser 
  • Pink accessories (i.e. pens, papers, books, pillows, sheets, blankets, bags) 
  • CD player 
  • Hair Diffuser 
  • Small Bulletin Board (around 2 feet x 3 feet) 
  • Suit jackets, ties, dress shirts, pants 
  • Electronic clipboard & stylus (for Kyle the UPS guy) 
  • Briefcases 
  • Old Cell Phones 
  • Gavel

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