Legally Blonde Cast List

The Production Team wants to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who auditioned. We are so very excited for this show, and hope you are too.

For those of you who have been cast, we will have a read through on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4th at 2:30pm in the auditorium. Your attendance at this rehearsal is very importat as there is paperwork that will be given out that must be returned NO LATER than Friday, February 6th should you wish to accept your role.

Scripts will be available at this rehearsal.
However you may only take it home if you bring the $25 deposit (cash or check to GHS Theatre Boosters.) We are renting the materials from the publisher and must return them in good condition. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the script in good condition at the end of the show. If your script is damaged, the deposit will not be returned, but instead used to pay the damage fee assessed by the publisher.

Legally Blonde Cast List

Elle Woods ----------------------------- Mikayla
Emmett Forest ------------------------- Ryan
Warner Huntington III ---------------- Aaron
Paulette ---------------------------------- Kelly
Professor Callahan ---------------------- Icaro
Vivienne Kensington ------------------- Kayla
Brooke Wyndam ------------------------ Belle

Delta Nu Greek Chorus/Los Angeles Characters
Pilar ------------------------------------- Carrington
Serena ---------------------------------- Madison
Margot ---------------------------------- Morey
Kate ------------------------------------- Sarah W
Leilani ---------------------------------- Cara
Gaelen ---------------------------------- Danielle B
Elle's Mom ------------------------------ Danielle C
Elle's Father ---------------------------- AJ
Grand Master Chad -------------------- Aaron
Store Manager --------------------------Jessalyn
Saleswoman -----------------------------Sara C

Harvard Students/Boston Characters
Winthrop ------------------------------- Mr. Anderson (GHS Principal)
Lowell ----------------------------------- MSgt Dubose (GHS JROTC)
Pforzheimer ---------------------------- Mr. Goulard (GHS History)
Jet Blue Pilot --------------------------- Danielle B
Enid Hoops ----------------------------- Jessalyn
Sundee Padaman ----------------------- Amy G
Erin Schultz ----------------------------- Hannah
Whitney, Vivienne's Friend ----------- Danielle C
H&H Sales Girl ------------------------- Hannah
Kyle, the UPS Guy --------------------- Danielle B
Kiki (Laker Girl) ------------------------ Karlee
Dana (Whipped Into Shape) ---------- Karlee
Dewey ------------------------------------ AJ
D.A. Joyce Riley ------------------------- Cara
Judge ------------------------------------- Karlee
Reporter --------------------------------- Hannah
Stenographer ---------------------------- Danielle B
Carlos ------------------------------------ Sara C
Nikos ------------------------------------- AJ
Chutney Wyndam ----------------------- Sara C

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